English dishes that confuse other countries

Every country has its own particular delicacy, and even regional foods within a nation can vary. But the British have some meals and snacks which have universally commonplace ingredients, yet, completely baffle other countries.

The Chip Butty

The chip butty, a staple in many households for generations, is causing shock amongst Americans who have only just recently discovered the dish. The chip butty is a quick and simple meal that can be plain, or ‘fancied up’ with tomato sauce, brown sauce, or even a little grated cheese. Everyone has their preference. It can be bought in chip shops, where it is often sold as a ‘chip barm’, ‘chip bap’ or even a ‘chip teacake,’ in some areas of the country. No matter what it is called, the basic premise remains the same. It is bread that has been filled with chips – and it is delicious!

Scotch Egg

What is so confusing about a boiled egg wrapped in sausage meat covered in breadcrumbs? That is all a scotch egg is, and yet it leaves other nations baffled. Admittedly, it is not to everyone’s taste, but it is a delightful snack that goes well in packed lunches and picnics. If you are hungry and you need a little something to eat before your main meal, a scotch egg is perfect.


Yes, we can make a meal of toast, a tasty filling meal. Beans on toast, tinned spaghetti on toast, and cheese on toast can be eaten for any meal, and be normal. For a snack, we put jam on toast, egg on toast, or just have plain toast with butter or marmite. No one will query it with you if you said you had beans on toast for tea, you will be more likely to get the response, “hmm, sounds nice, I might have that myself tonight!”