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English cuisine is our bread and butter (pudding) and there is nothing we like more than some traditional English meals. Whether it is a good old Sunday roast, a pub meal or a bit of cheese on toast, as far as we are concerned English food just can’t be beat.

On our pages you can find information about some of the best tradition English meals and some great pub lunches if you are ever hungry while you are out and about. We also tell you about some of the meals we find perfectly normal that people in other countries find completely strange. You may be surprised which every day foods are considered to be crazy.

We have some of the harshest food reviewers and critics. They will visit restaurants and order a range of meals from the menu and then write exactly what they thought of the food. Restaurant critics do not just judge the taste of the food, they also note the presentation of the meals and the quality of the service they receive.

England also has some of the most famous chefs in the world too, so we take a quick look at some of the more internationally known names that hail from the UK. They all have their own range of cook books and TV shows, many have their own restaurants, and some have even made it big on American television.

Whether it is Yorkshire pudding, bangers ‘n’ mash, egg and chips or beans on toast, you can’t go wrong with a bit of English food.